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The Process

To get started designing your space, we will first need to know a little bit about the project. There are two ways to provide us with information.

  1. The first way is by purchasing a design package of your choice based on your needs. Once you have purchased a package, you will receive a welcome email with your To-Do list. This list asks that you provide us with measurements of your space (please see measure guide for assistance on measuring your space), all your appliance specs, photos of your existing space (if applicable), and inspiration images. This information allows our designers to get a better sense of your space before your initial design consultation call. Once we have received your To-Do list, we will connect you with one of our designers who will reach out to schedule a consultation call with you.

  2. The second way is by submitting an inquiry on our Inquire page. If you need a little more information, you can submit an inquiry, and a Designer will reach out and discuss your project with you a little more in-depth and answer any questions you may have.

When discussing your project with one of our Designers, we ask that you provide us with your cabinetry budget - once our designs are complete, we can price your cabinetry.

Black and white elevation drawings will be sent to you in 5-7 business days from the initial design consultation call. Please review your drawings, and let your designer know if you want any edits to the layout at this time. ​

Purchasing Our Cabinetry

Once you receive your completed design, we will send an estimate for your cabinetry. When you are ready to purchase, we will send you an invoice for your cabinetry.

Once we have received the full payment, your designer will send you a sign-off packet within 5 business days. This packet includes all necessary information about cabinetry sizes, inserts, door style, finishes, warranty, and delivery. At this time, we ask that you thoroughly review the packet with your contractor and sign every page that calls for a signature.

  • Verify all wall measurements. All measurements must be confirmed for accuracy.

  • Verify accessories and inserts

  • Verify door style and finishes

Our lead time is 12 weeks from the receipt of the signed sign-off packet. Once your cabinets are completed, we'll call to schedule the delivery. Your cabinets will arrive blanket-wrapped. 

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